Demand driven

The processes and technologies that enable companies to better sense true market demand

Building Outside-in Processes: Answering A Question From the Audience

Demand, Demand driven, demand driven

Last week, I spoke at the CPHA supply chain conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (This was the inaugural supply chain event for the...

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Mining Supply Chain Data for Insights

Big data supply chains, Demand driven, Market-Driven, Supply Chain

  Mine sweeping is essential to warfare. Soldiers use special devices to detect underground mines and disarm them, keeping them from...

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Demand Driven: Can We Sidestep Religious Arguments?

Demand, Demand driven, Demand sensing, Demand shaping • 5 Comments

The 2016 US presidential political contest was brutal. Emotions are still quite raw. I hated it. When emotions run high, everyone loses....

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Customer-Centric Supply Chains: Adding Clarity to the Muddle

customer-centric supply chains, Demand driven, demand driven, Downstream data, Market-Driven • One Comment

It was November. I was speaking at a client site. The topic was customer-centric supply chains. We started the morning by asking attendees...

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Go Horizontal!

customer-centric supply chains, Demand, Demand driven, Digital Supply Chain, digital supply chains, Market-Driven

Functional silos define today’s supply chain organization.  The silos compete. They lack alignment, and a result, cannot effectively...

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My Take: E2open Buys Terra Technology

Demand, Demand driven, Demand sensing, Demand shaping • 4 Comments

As an analyst in the supply chain market for 15 years, I have written many articles on best-of-breed technology companies purchased by a...

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No Easter Bunny?

Demand driven • 4 Comments

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