Supply sensing

Seeing Beyond the Firewall

customer-centric supply chains, Demand, Downstream data, Market-Driven, Supply sensing

Supply Chain Operating Networks: The building of supply chain applications using many-to-many architectures to connect multiple parties to...

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Power B2B Networks

Big data supply chains, Market-Driven, New technologies, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Insights Community, Supply sensing • 2 Comments

If you ask companies if they would like better inventory  and global supply chain visibility, you will get an overwhelming answer of,...

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How Do You Define a Mature Supply Chain Planning Organization? (Part 1)

Demand, Sales and Operations Planning, Supply Chain, Supply sensing

It was a sultry day in Philadelphia. Last week, it felt like August not May. I found myself counting the street signs to be sure that I...

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Corporate Sustainability: Are Companies Vulnerable?

Demand, Risk management, Supplier development, Supply Chain, Supply sensing • One Comment

“Supply chain sustainability” is the management of environmental, social and economic impacts and the encouragement of good governance...

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Like a Green Lump of Clay

Market-Driven, Sales and Operations Planning, Supply Chain, Supply sensing

My iPhone buzzed on my nightstand.  I groaned. I had gotten to bed late. It was 6:00 AM. This was before my wake-up call. I am not a...

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A Day of Firsts

Supply chain excellence, Supply sensing • One Comment

Today was a day of firsts. My first book is edited. Today, the book Bricks Matter went to the printers. We have completed the editing of...

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