Big data supply chains

Give Analytics A Chance

analytics, Big data supply chains

Five ways to deploy analytics to make a difference.

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When We Don’t Have Answers, We Need to Work Quickly To Build Them

analytics, Big data supply chains, Global Supply Chains, Market-Driven, market-driven value chains, Network of Networks

My email box is full of the “ain’t it awful blogs.” The storyline starts with a supply chain story of a...

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Lifting The Gray Curtain

analytics, Big data supply chains, Digital Supply Chain

Recently, I hosted the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. Executing an event in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic is challenging. One...

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AI This. If Only.

analytics, Big data supply chains, Demand

After a dramatic drop at the beginning of the pandemic, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software...

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The Hill Supply Chain Leaders Climb

Big data supply chains, Demand, demand driven, Global Supply Chains • 3 Comments

When you misappropriate something, you steal it, or otherwise use it, in a way its owner didn’t intend. Words...

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Mourning the Death of the Data-Driven Supply Chain Guy

analytics, Big data supply chains • One Comment

Joe died Wednesday. As a great supply chain leader and my client for ten years, his energetic spirit always lifted my soul. In 2018, after...

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Dealing With The Supply Chain Gloppy Mess

Big data supply chains, Change Management, customer-centric supply chains, Demand, Demand driven • One Comment

During August, I moved and I spent the weekend painting my new shed with gloppy, wet deck paint. As I methodically pivoted the roller to...

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