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September 12 – 14, 2022

Blaze, Building Outside-In Processes

September 15, 2022
JW Marriott, Tampa, FL
September 19, 2022
Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL
September 20, 2022
Monona Terrace, Madison, WI
October 18, 2022
Monona Terrace, Madison, WI
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Lora Cecere is the Founder of Supply Chain Insights and author of the enterprise software blog Supply Chain Shaman read by over 28,000 global supply chain executives. The blog focuses on the use of enterprise applications to drive supply chain excellence.

Lora's Programs

What is Supply Chain Excellence

2012 marked the thirtieth anniversary of supply chain process evolution. In this presentation, Lora uses recent research to take a look back at thirty years of supply chain excellence and helps audiences look forward to the future. She outlines how the definition of supply chain excellence changed in the last two decades and what should be the lessons learned. Using correlations on twenty years of supply chain financial ratio data, Lora helps audience participants gain new insights on how to think about:

  • Which metrics matter and why.
  • The definitions of agility and balance.
  • How to define them and why they are important.
  • Progress of companies within industry sectors on balancing growth, profitability, cycles and cost.

  • Alignment

    Which Supply Chain Metrics Matter to Financial Performance? Using the recent research on the Supply Chain Index, Lora shares insights on how different financial ratios correlate to balance sheet performance for each sector, and how each sector is performing on these Metrics that Matter. She also helps companies better understand how to use these metrics to define trading partner collaboration and organizational alignment

    The Race for Supply Chain 2020

    This is an ideal keynote for a supply chain visioning session. Lora has the ability to help teams think about supply chain in ways that they have not done before. In this presentation, Lora shares new and exciting research on these topics while engaging the audience to think about the impact of these forces on their supply chain design and the definition of value chain strategies.

  • Organizational Design. What is the future of supply chain organizational design? How can companies build organizational core competencies and overcome the pending shortage of supply chain talent? How has regional/global governance been defined currently? How will these processes morph in the future?
  • Technology Evolution. How will technologies change? What will be the impact of digital manufacturing, Internet of Things, big data supply chains, unstructured data forms and new forms of analytics? What will be the impact of safe and secure supply chain regulations? How do new technologies shift the balance of power between trading partners? What are the opportunities for new process innovation?
  • Building Strong Horizontal Processes. Strong horizontal processes are essential for building the end-to-end value network. These horizontal processes help in the connection and alignment of business functions and drive the acceleration of value. The five core horizontal processes that matter are: revenue management, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), supplier development, corporate social responsibility and new product launch. Here we share insights on current and future states.
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