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A Leap of Faith?

It is 42 years old, and still not actionable.  The first implementation was 1968 and we have talked about the integration of it to the supply

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Carrots and Sticks

This week, I spoke at the Vendor Compliance Federation (VCF).  While 2009 was a bad year for VCF conference attendance (and for conferences in general),

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Rise of Social Commerce

“We have the most powerful distribution mechanism that has been created in a generation,” Mark Zuckerberg, Founder Facebook at the launch of the 2006 Connect Platform

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Can you Listen?

Customer-centric supply chains have been the dream.  Technologies are making it more feasible, but can you listen?_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In most companies, the group named customer service is

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Lean Bigot and Proud.

I am bigot.  Yes, a bigot.  A person that is intolerant and can exhibit animosity towards those with differing opinions. That can be me.  When I hear the

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