Tag: supply chain management

Watching Paint Dry

Supply chain excellence • 2 Comments

As an analyst, one of my biggest surprises is how slowly supply chain processes mature.  I liken it to watching paint dry on the wall. ...

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Grok on!

New technologies • 2 Comments

 No, I did not misspell the word Grok in the title of this blog.  The term Grok was coined by author Robert A. Heinlein in his...

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Time to Broaden the Knot on Your Bow Tie?

Demand driven, Downstream data, Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning • 6 Comments

With the current economic uncertainty, is it time to step out and to make lasting and meaningful supply chain relationships and unleash...

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Have we forgotten the promise?

Supply chain excellence • 4 Comments

For about eight months, on Monday morning,he would push the well-worn newspaper clippings under the door frame of my closed office door. ...

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The Verdict: a Hung Jury

Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning • One Comment

A hung jury is deadlocked.   It is one that cannot, by the required voting threshold, agree on a verdict due to severe differences of...

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We should have Listened to Mother Nature

Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning

SNAP.  CRACKLE.  POP.   Yes, we got what we asked for….  Efficient supply chains that snap and break under stress. Have you ever...

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