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A River Runs Through It

customer-centric supply chains, Demand, Demand driven, demand driven, Demand sensing, Demand shaping • 2 Comments

A River Runs Through It is one of my favorite films. The scenes directed by Robert Redford are beautiful. As the story unfolds, a family...

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Are You Putting Lipstick on a Pig? Or Creating New Value?

New technologies

During the spring I get to spend a lot of time in airplanes attending and speaking at technology conferences. I have done this for a...

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Embracing the Digital Supply Chain

Big data supply chains, Demand, Demand driven, digital supply chains, Market-driven value networks • 2 Comments

This week I am busy packing. It is the same feeling that I had as a child getting ready for camp. For the next 18 weeks I will be in the...

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Three Reasons Why I Love Hadoop, and You Should Too!

Big data supply chains, Demand, Demand driven, Demand shaping • 2 Comments

The elephants are coming! They will soon change your supply chain. In time, you will come to love them. I think that they will be a game...

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The Digital Supply Chain: Making the Leap with a Ball and Chain

Big data supply chains, Digital Supply Chain

Last week I spoke on the evolution of the digital supply chains and my vision for Supply Chain 2020 at the World Trade Group Event in...

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Gaining Clarity on Inventory Effectiveness

demand driven, Inventory Management, market-driven value chains • One Comment

I remember the plane ride well. My career was in transition. I was moving from a position where I led a manufacturing operation to being a...

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