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A Mile Wide and a Millimeter Deep

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This week, I attended the Annual Council of Supply Chain Management Event in San Diego.  Speaking at eight of the last nine CSCMP event, I am a veteran. It is one of the largest supply chain events in North America. The mood and attendance at the event is usually an accurate predictor for technology spending in supply chain applications.  So what was it like?.  Attendance was up this year by 33%, but the mood was stayed.  More people,…

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Time to Broaden the Knot on Your Bow Tie?

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With the current economic uncertainty, is it time to step out and to make lasting and meaningful supply chain relationships and unleash the opportunities in the end to end supply chain? However, before you take that step, do you need to broaden the knot in your bow tie? I have been writing about supply chain collaboration for the last fifteen years.  The term is bandied about. Supply chain strategy documents drip with…

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Have we forgotten the promise?

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For about eight months, on Monday morning,he would push the well-worn newspaper clippings under the door frame of my closed office door.  They were folded and stained, but the newspaper clippings were marked with telling, cryptic comments.  I miss them. I loved his insights.  When I was an analyst at AMR Research, they were gifts from my friend Bruce Richardson.  He was helping me lighten up my writing and enjoy blogging.  I…

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Reflections: The End of a Decade in Supply Chain Management

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  As we watched the ball drop on Times Square on New Year’s eve 2000, we witnessed the dawn of a new decade.  Those were go-go years for supply chain management.  Spending was brisk. Year 2000 compliance and e-commerce budgets were growing.  Investments in Advanced Planning Systems (APS) were high and optimism reigned. Three years later, when the e-commerce bubble burst, a new vision was launched.  It was the vision of an integrated end-to-end supply…

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The Verdict: a Hung Jury

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A hung jury is deadlocked.   It is one that cannot, by the required voting threshold, agree on a verdict due to severe differences of opinion. History Manugistics under delivered.  i2 Technologies over promised. When ERP companies added Supply Chain Planning (SCP), they largely copied best-of-breed providers. As a result, the SCP technology market is stagnant.  The question is will JDA, as the aggregator of SCM companies, evolve as the TRUE Supply Chain Company? This…

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We should have Listened to Mother Nature

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SNAP.  CRACKLE.  POP.   Yes, we got what we asked for….  Efficient supply chains that snap and break under stress. Have you ever asked yourself the question, in the design of supply chain networks, should supply chain efficiency be the goal?  Based on seven years of supply chain research, I think not.  I think that the goal should be resilience.  Recently, I got the chance to reflect on this over dinner with two…

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Seven Words to Know in 2010

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This week I am off on vacation.  On some beautiful Caribbean island, I will raise my glass to toast Barbie.  Barbie, you might say?  Yes, this year, my early childhood friend is 50.  I am DEFINATELY telling my age when I share that she consumed the first 10 years of my life. I am also telling my age when I share that Supply Chain Management (SCM) has consumed the last 20 years of my…

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