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Sparking a New Conversation: Let’s Build a Network of Networks

customer-centric supply chains, Demand, Market-driven value networks, Supply Chain Insights Community • One Comment

Today’s supply chain is inside-out. Companies wait and process orders. They cannot sense and respond to demand. It is a struggle. The...

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Will the Downturn Signal an Upturn?

Demand, Demand sensing, Market-Driven, Market-driven forecasting, Supply chain economic recovery, Supply Chain Excellence • 3 Comments

Volatility. Demand redefined. Economic markets plummeting. Daily we see the financial charts roll across the news. “It’s partly...

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Give New Answers to Bridget

Demand, Demand driven, Demand sensing, Demand shaping, Downstream data, Social supply chains, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Insights Community

It was a stuffy, hot day, and I found myself sitting by Bridget. The supply chain team was attempting to explain their demand-driven...

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How Do I Know If I Am Ready?

Demand • 2 Comments

“How can I move the ball down the field, if I don’t have the ball?” A Question from my Training Class this Week...

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Learning to Speak the Language of Demand

Demand • 10 Comments

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Please Tell Me HOW

Bricks Matter, Demand, Market-Driven

I love hearing from blog readers. This morning, I woke to receive this email in my inbox: Good morning Lora, I have read with pleasure the...

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Demand Cacophony

Demand driven, Supply chain planning

The promise was harmony. The delivery is dissonance. It was to be a unified signal spanning customer’s customer to supplier’s...

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