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A Mile Wide and a Millimeter Deep

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This week, I attended the Annual Council of Supply Chain Management Event in San Diego.  Speaking at eight of the last nine CSCMP event, I am a veteran. It is one of the largest supply chain events in North America. The mood and attendance at the event is usually an accurate predictor for technology spending in supply chain applications.  So what was it like?.  Attendance was up this year by 33%, but the mood was stayed.  More people,…

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Lean Bigot and Proud.

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I am bigot.  Yes, a bigot.  A person that is intolerant and can exhibit animosity towards those with differing opinions. That can be me.  When I hear the term LEAN in client interaction, I bristle.  My face is easy to read.  I would be a BAD poker player.  I find that so many companies have attempted LEAN programs with the best of intentions; but have moved backwards.   Here I share my two disconnects:…

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Are you only Giving it 40%?

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Last week, I spoke at the S&OP IE event in Boston (http://www.theiegroup.com/SOP/Overview.html).  There were 29 speakers.  In the course of two days, 80% of the speakers stated “for a successful S&OP implementation, start with process, then follow with technology.”  I sat on the back row, and I wanted to raise my hand and shout,  “STOP!  You are missing the obvious.”  The largest problem with S&OP is change management.  Companies that…

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Crossing the Great Divide

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  It was a hot Atlanta day. The temperature in the cab was sweltering.  It was the kind of day that makes you feel like a grease spot on the pavement. As I bustled through the air-conditioned lobby, past reception and not catching my breath until I sat down in the deep leather chairs in the Chief Financial Officer’s conference room, I tried to compose myself.  However, the question that…

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Shhh…. Listen closely.  You cannot hear them.  They are quietly working.  They don’t ask for breaks. When it comes to lunch, they are never late.  They are hard at work.  While a typical third-party logistics operation is typically ALL about labor, this one is not.  It is ALL about the personalized EACH: the effective picking of the order of ONE.  With the rise of social commerce,warehouses are struggling to effectively…

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What if: Focus on “&” with the “End in Mind”

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It is the longest recession of the last four decades; and economists are gathering to discuss the possibility of a double-dip recession. It will not go away anytime too soon. All that is known is the unknown.  As 2010 winds to a close, three things are certain for supply chain professionals: The links of the supply chain are weaker Demand is more uncertain Supply is more volatile These three factors make horizontal processes like S&OP more…

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Demand Driven is not Sufficient

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Over the past seven years, I have written more than 500 articles on Demand-Driven Value Networks.  So it may come as a surprise to readers that I do not believe that Demand Driven is the end state. I believe that it is the most effective means to an end.  So, if you are scratching your head and saying, “huh?”   Please give me a few more minutes to explain. The research supports…

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S&OP: Letter Perfect

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Aluminum. Corrugated. Freight. Ocean cargo.  Labor in China. The surprise and dismay continues.  Supply is tightening, international currency is changing, prices are more volatile, and the future is less certain.  Supply chain leaders need to steer the course.  As a result, S&OP has risen in importance. If 2009 was about demand, 2010 will be all about supply. Are you ready? It Matters. Over the past six years, I have spoken…

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