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Give Analytics A Chance

analytics, Big data supply chains

Five ways to deploy analytics to make a difference....

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Lifting The Gray Curtain

analytics, Big data supply chains, Digital Supply Chain

Recently, I hosted the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. Executing an event in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic is challenging. One...

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A Story of Throwing the Baby Out With The Bathwater in Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Excellence, Supply chain planning • One Comment

” Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater “ is an idiomatic expression for an avoidable...

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The Coffee Pot Conversation That Will Not Happen

Supply chain excellence, Supply Chain Insights, Uncategorized

View Post I miss the work conversations by the coffee pot. Especially the old-fashioned ones that forced teams to linger and talk with...

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How Do We Stop Buying Planning Software the Wrong Way?

analytics, Inventory Management, Sales and Operations Planning, Supply Chain • One Comment

As I sit at my desk answering client calls, spring beckons. I am a gardener, and my dirty plastic clogs sit patiently on the mat by the...

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My Failure In Using Design Thinking To Drive Supply Chain Innovation

Change Management, Demand

Supply chain management is a team sport. Just as there are many flavors of sports teams, there are many types of supply chains. Success...

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