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Preparing to Run the Race: Supply Chain 2020

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In 2012, three decades of supply chain management have passed.  It is time to learn from history and look forward.  I feel that organizations need to train for supply chain 2020. As we head into the race, the headwinds are strong.  Commodity volatility is the highest in one hundred years.  Materials are scarce and the standards for social responsibility programs are rising.  Product life cycles are shorter and customers have higher expectations.  Global…

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A Thorny Topic

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As I wing my way west for a couple of conferences, I am sitting in seat 2C with a bright pink notebook sitting on my lap. I am SO excited about my pink binder.  It contains my manuscript for the book Bricks Matter that will be submitted to Wiley this week.   I have written the book with Charlie Chase from SAS, and we are both excited to get it finished.  It is now too heavy to…

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Is the Third Time the Charm?

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Within SAP, there are many ways to implement a Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process (cobbling together components).  I can think of four and with the new release of SAP’s new S&OP product, I think that we now have five. Background With the release of their new S&OP Hana product, it is an exciting time for SAP; and, I think a tipping point for the S&OP market.  Let me explain… This is SAP’s third attempt…

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How Do I Have a Reliable and Resilient S&OP Process?

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It was a beautiful Phoenix afternoon. The temperature was a welcome relief from the east coast rain. As I was basking in the sun, the conference coordinator at The Institute of Business Forecasting (IBF) Conference, approached me to moderate their round robin discussion on S&OP.  The topic was How do I have a Reliable and Resilent Sales and Operations (S&OP) Process?   As I rushed in to facilitate the workshops, I found a full table…

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And, the Question Is?

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Last week I volunteered to give up a day of vacation to facilitate the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) IE event in Las Vegas.  I like to facilitate groups, so I was looking forward to the day. As the session progressed, I had a realization that the audience was asking the wrong questions.  They went on, and on, and on, and on. I did not have the time or the…

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Are you suffering from SCCCS Syndrome?

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Since becoming a grandma, I love to buy cookie cutters.  I dream of the day that my grandson and I can stamp dinosaurs, cars and trucks in the dough.  I imagine flour dripping from the counters, and excitement in sampling our creations.  He is now only three months old; but today, I am shopping, and storing up cookie cutters in anticipation.  They make baking cookies easier.  I look forward to…

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Pearls of Wisdom

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“I am desolated to lose the pearls of wisdom that habitually fall from your cultivated lips,” returned Haddo.1908, W. Somerset Maugham, The Magician, ch. 3: Rolling stones gather no moss, and road warriors/analysts that travel write fewer blog posts.  To all my readers, I apologize for a 28 day absence in posts.   In the past 30 days, I have spoken at 12 conferences, traveled 40,000 miles and become a grandma. <Yes, you…

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What Happens in Vegas should not Stay in Vegas!

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Encore.  This month, I gave a repeat performance.  I gave it again the month before.  And, the month before….  The S&OP IE Group asked me to present the same presentation that I gave on January 20th in Las Vegas at their new Integrated Business Planning (IBP) conference in Atlanta.  I was also asked to present the presentation at the Extended Supply Chain Conference in London.  Seems that my article–ENOUGH!—got some attention…

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Warning! A holy war is raging.  It is a religious war.  …one of holy factions. It cannot be won, and it is not worth trying.  When you peel back the heat of the battle, you find that it is the battle of acronyms:  Integrated Business Planning (IBP) versus Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).  It is fueled by analyst pundits, and driven largely by software vendors trying to hawk their wares…

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Are you only Giving it 40%?

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Last week, I spoke at the S&OP IE event in Boston (http://www.theiegroup.com/SOP/Overview.html).  There were 29 speakers.  In the course of two days, 80% of the speakers stated “for a successful S&OP implementation, start with process, then follow with technology.”  I sat on the back row, and I wanted to raise my hand and shout,  “STOP!  You are missing the obvious.”  The largest problem with S&OP is change management.  Companies that…

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