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Planning Software: Insights on User Satisfaction

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As a research analyst I am studying things which are incredibly difficult to measure. The topics may sound easy, but they are not. In my...

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Seven Mistakes to Avoid in Sales and Operations Planning

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Definition of a Mistake: An action or judgment that is misguided or wrong. Synonyms: Error, fault, blunder, oversight, miscalculation or a...

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Are You Feeding the Beast? Or Driving Progress in Your Business?

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As a mom, I loved to read to my daughter. One of our favorites was the book Where the Wild Things Are. I loved the imagery in this short...

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The Journey for Excellence

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It is finally spring in Philadelphia. Yesterday, as I walked the streets on the way to ballet, I saw flowers for the first time in a year....

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The Shaman’s Journal Now Available

Sales and Operations Planning

Today, I launched the The Supply Chain Shaman’s Journal. The Journal will be published quarterly, and will be a collection of posts...

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Why It Matters

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As I work with companies, I often contrast the strategies, approaches and outcomes within a peer group. Over the last five years, I have...

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