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Supply Chains By the Numbers

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Tomorrow starts a new year. It will take me a while to adjust. Intellectually, while I will know the year has changed, I will screw up, time and time again, by writing 2014 on documents for many, many months. For me tonight, sitting facing the city skyline in the dark,  2015 sounds so far in the future; but, I know that it is on the horizon. I take the years that…

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A Thorny Topic

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As I wing my way west for a couple of conferences, I am sitting in seat 2C with a bright pink notebook sitting on my lap. I am SO excited about my pink binder.  It contains my manuscript for the book Bricks Matter that will be submitted to Wiley this week.   I have written the book with Charlie Chase from SAS, and we are both excited to get it finished.  It is now too heavy to…

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