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Should We Celebrate this Marriage?

Digital Supply Chain, Global Supply Chains, Network of Networks, New technologies • One Comment

E2open is acquiring INTTRA pending federal approval. Is this a knot to be tied? Does this deserve congratulations or concern? Here I share...

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Why Is Blockchain Not Hotter?

market-driven value chains, Market-driven value networks

I was sitting with a representative from the United Nations on my way back from Colombia. As we took off from Bogota, we discussed the...

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Sparking a New Conversation: Let’s Build a Network of Networks

customer-centric supply chains, Demand, Market-driven value networks, Supply Chain Insights Community • One Comment

Today’s supply chain is inside-out. Companies wait and process orders. They cannot sense and respond to demand. It is a struggle. The...

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Seeing Beyond the Firewall

customer-centric supply chains, Demand, Downstream data, Market-Driven, Supply sensing

Supply Chain Operating Networks: The building of supply chain applications using many-to-many architectures to connect multiple parties to...

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The Digital Supply Chain: Making the Leap with a Ball and Chain

Big data supply chains, Digital Supply Chain

Last week I spoke on the evolution of the digital supply chains and my vision for Supply Chain 2020 at the World Trade Group Event in...

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Wanted: Supply Chain Architects!

Demand, Market-Driven, New technologies, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Excellence, Supply Chain Insights Community • One Comment

Forty years ago, as a chemical engineering student, I learned the tedious craft of chemical plant design. It was a world of heat...

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