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Why Is Blockchain Not Hotter?

market-driven value chains, Market-driven value networks

I was sitting with a representative from the United Nations on my way back from Colombia. As we took off from Bogota, we discussed the...

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Tell Me Why

Supply Chains to Admire, Uncategorized

As a blogger, you can get feedback in real-time. Pretty cool. Right? I answer every question I get and sometimes I share my answers.  This...

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Three New Insights on Supply Chain Talent

Supply Chain Leadership, Supply Chain Talent

On Tuesday this week I will present the findings from the recent Supply Chain Insights study at the Penn State Forum. As I worked on my...

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A New Mission for a Female Supply Chain Pioneer

Supply Chain Excellence, Supply Chain Insights, Supply Chain Talent

This week I worked with the Supply Chain Insights team to analyze and write our annual supply chain talent report. With over 400...

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Different Strokes for Different Folks (to Yield Better Results?)?

Demand, Uncategorized

This week I spent time in Silicon Valley talking to technology innovators. Disruption in supply chain planning is happening. My angst is...

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Late-Night Thoughts on Productivity, Efficiency and Global Supply Chain Effectiveness


It is late. I cannot sleep. Darkness surrounds me as I write this post. So many thoughts in my mind. Yesterday I signed a contract for...

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