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Last week, I attended the SAS Analyst Day at Steamboat Springs and the Logistics and SCM 2013 event in Las Vegas. (This event is owned

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epitaph n.  An inscription on a tombstone in memory of the one buried there.  A brief literary piece commemorating the deceased. A final judgment on

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It is midnight in Melbourne, and I cannot sleep. I hate jet lag. Tomorrow, at 10:30 AM, I will buckle my seat belt for a

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Is the Third Time the Charm?

Within SAP, there are many ways to implement a Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process (cobbling together components).  I can think of four and with the new

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A Real NoWHERE Man?

The briefing starts with the statement, “We are a DSR provider.”  I then ask, “What does that mean?” And the fun begins…. In 2005, Kara

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Spice it up?

  Wanted:  Orange shirts for green guys.    Needed:  Community members with strong commitment, passion and vision.  Yes, Spiceworks is calling all to a new form

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