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Supply Chain: The True Game of Risk

Risk management, Supplier development, Supply Chain • One Comment

When I was a small child growing up in the mountains of West Virginia in the United States, on snowy days my family would gather around the...

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Let’s Fail Forward….

Supply Chain, Supply Chain Excellence, Supply Chain Leadership, Supply Chain Talent

One in three companies have a supply chain center of excellence, but only one in two is successful. These are grim statistics. This is...

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Redesign to Improve Value: A Case Study of a Supply Chain Leader

Demand, Supply Chain, Supply chain planning

This week, I will speak at Llamasoft’s conference on improving supply chain network design. I am also busy this Saturday...

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Better Math makes Better Networks

Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning • 2 Comments

While supply chain leaders design and fine-tune their networks, supply chain laggards inherit and accept their supply chain networks as a...

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