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A Leap of Faith?

Demand driven, Downstream data • 2 Comments

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Seven Techniques to Better Sense and Shape Demand

Demand driven, Downstream data • 3 Comments

Last week, I was asked the question, “How do I take the steps to become more demand driven?”  It prompted this response.  ...

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Rise of Social Commerce

Demand driven, Downstream data, New technologies, Uncategorized • 4 Comments

“We have the most powerful distribution mechanism that has been created in a generation,” Mark Zuckerberg, Founder Facebook at...

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The Rise of Social Commerce

Demand driven

Tags on Wheaties boxes.  iPhone applications at the shopper’s fingertips. Focused communities on Facebook. The voice of the customer...

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Demand Driven is not Sufficient

Demand driven, Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning

Over the past seven years, I have written more than 500 articles on Demand-Driven Value Networks.  So it may come as a surprise to readers...

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