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Reflections: Building the Network of Networks

Demand sensing, Digital Supply Chain, Market-Driven, Network of Networks, Supply sensing • 3 Comments

I remember the call like it was yesterday. Four years have passed. On this cold day, I would like to walk on the beach with my friend...

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Blockchain: Reflections on a Webinar

Big data supply chains

Yesterday, I spoke at the University of Tennessee Supply Chain Leaders Forum on innovation. The presentation focused on nine themes. One of...

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Dissecting the Headwinds and Tailwinds of Digital Transformation

Big data supply chains, Demand, digital supply chains

Headwinds: A force of resistance Tailwinds: A favorable force blowing in the same direction When I travel from company to company and...

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Mining Supply Chain Data for Insights

Big data supply chains, Demand driven, Market-Driven, Supply Chain

  Mine sweeping is essential to warfare. Soldiers use special devices to detect underground mines and disarm them, keeping them from...

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Good People Can Make a Difference in Outcomes

customer-centric supply chains, Demand

I closed the door of my hotel room and grimaced at the overflowing trash can. Heaped high with plastic, it violated my principles as an...

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Seven Use Cases for Hyperledger in Supply Chain

Big data supply chains, Digital Supply Chain, Risk management, Safe and Secure Supply Chain, Supply Chain visibility • 2 Comments

Hyperledger. Blockchain. New concepts? Yes. Get used to it. They are here to stay. I think defining the future of Supply Chain technology...

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