New technologies

Big Data Supply Chains: Boosting your Vocabulary

New technologies • One Comment

Earlier this week, I started a blog series on Big Data Supply Chains.  This is the second blog post in the series. In my prior post, I...

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Minding our P’s and Q’s: It is more than R’s and P’s

New technologies, Supply chain excellence • 2 Comments

It is coming. The evidence is piling up like a giant snow drift from a blizzard on out doorsteps.  It comes in many forms. Close your...

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Spice it up?

New technologies, Supply chain excellence

  Wanted:  Orange shirts for green guys.    Needed:  Community members with strong commitment, passion and vision.  Yes, Spiceworks...

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Raving, Ranting, and Craving

New technologies, Supply chain planning

They call it Base Camp.  I shun boots on this hot day and I do not have the inclination to camp. I want to go anywhere but to a Base Camp....

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March of the Penguins

Demand driven, New technologies • 3 Comments

They look alike. Noisy and boisterous, they follow each other.  Mile after mile, through adverse conditions, they trudge.  It is a...

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More than just an F-WORD

Downstream data, New technologies • One Comment

I think that we are in a new bubble. It will grow and pop like the ones before.  However, for a short minute, it will be...

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