Which Boat Do You Sail to Cross the Blue Ocean?

Big data supply chains, Market-Driven, New technologies, Supplier development • 2 Comments

In a recent post, Time to Paint Outside the Lines , I advocated that we needed to expand our current concepts of supply chain management. ...

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I Do Believe Bricks Matter. Do You?

Demand, Market-Driven, Sales and Operations Planning, Supply Chain • 2 Comments

Yesterday, I met a friend for coffee. She started the discussion with a question, “How are you doing?  So, what is it like to write...

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Musings on Big Data and Supply Chains. Fireworks?

Big data supply chains, Demand, Demand sensing, Downstream data, Market-Driven, Supply Chain, Supply sensing

“You are speaking a new language. Where do we go to learn these new concepts?” A recent client comment during a session on Big...

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Wrong People on the Bus?

Demand, Market-Driven

Most people assume that great bus drivers (read: business leaders) immediately start the journey by announcing to the people on the bus...

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Rock, Scissors, Paper. Pitfalls and Potholes of Integrated Business Planning

Demand, Market-Driven, Sales and Operations Planning, Supply Chain • 3 Comments

Tonight, as I flew back from SAP Insider, three blog posts danced around in my head. I thought about the looming deadline on my book and...

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March Winds Signaling Spring?

Market-Driven, Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning

I live near the water in Baltimore; and as I write this blog, the spring winds are blowing hard against my windows.  The glass is...

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