Downstream data

The use of point-of-sale data, retail inventory or warehouse withdrawal data, or loyalty data to sense and shape demand

Let’s face it. We have not done a good job on CPFR or VMI.

Demand driven, Downstream data, New technologies • 10 Comments

Many tout it.  Presentations expound on it; but back home at the office, customer teams are confounded.  In the late 1990’s it was all...

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Rethinking the “How” and “What” of DRP

Demand driven, Downstream data

Want to save millions? Maybe even billions?  According to my panelists on Monday morning, September 27th, at The Council of Supply Chain...

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Time to Broaden the Knot on Your Bow Tie?

Demand driven, Downstream data, Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning • 6 Comments

With the current economic uncertainty, is it time to step out and to make lasting and meaningful supply chain relationships and unleash...

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Turning up the Heat: A Hot Topic on a Hot Afternoon

Demand driven, Downstream data • One Comment

“I have given up that I will ever find an ideal trade promotion solution, ” J&J presentation, Consumer Goods Technology...

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