Downstream data

The use of point-of-sale data, retail inventory or warehouse withdrawal data, or loyalty data to sense and shape demand

It Is Just You and Me, Dude. The Secret Is Safe. Promise.

Demand, Downstream data, Market-Driven

At the end of the presentation today, it happened. At break, after sharing research on the principles of becoming market driven, I was...

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Let’s Make It an Espresso. Outside-in Is Not an Evolution

Demand, Downstream data, Market-Driven, New technologies, Supply Chain • 3 Comments

Espresso: A strong coffee prepared by forcing hot water through finely ground dark-roast coffee beans Today, I am preparing to speak at a...

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What I have Learned Working on the Supply Chain Index

Big data supply chains, Downstream data, Supply Chain

It started at my kitchen table. I was writing the book, Bricks Matter and I wanted a better definition of Supply Chain Excellence. As a...

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Bait and Switch

Bricks Matter, Demand, Downstream data, Market-Driven • 2 Comments

Bait and switch:  A form of fraud.  A dishonest marketing tactic where a marketer advertises a very attractive value proposition and then...

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IBM: You Can Do Better

Big data supply chains, Demand, Downstream data, Market-Driven, New technologies, Supplier development, Supply Chain

An open letter to IBM. Dear IBM: This week, I attended your Smarter Commerce Conference in Orlando (#IBMCSGS). I am sorry that I had to...

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Musings on Big Data and Supply Chains. Fireworks?

Big data supply chains, Demand, Demand sensing, Downstream data, Market-Driven, Supply Chain, Supply sensing

“You are speaking a new language. Where do we go to learn these new concepts?” A recent client comment during a session on Big...

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