Big data supply chains

Time to Paint Outside the Lines

Big data supply chains, Supply Chain, Supply chain planning • 3 Comments

As a creative kid, I never wanted to paint within the lines. Did you? I found that it was just too confining. While my mother knew that...

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Musings on Big Data and Supply Chains. Fireworks?

Big data supply chains, Demand, Demand sensing, Downstream data, Market-Driven, Supply Chain, Supply sensing

“You are speaking a new language. Where do we go to learn these new concepts?” A recent client comment during a session on Big...

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Tired of Wash, Rinse and Repeat?

Big data supply chains, Supply Chain, Uncategorized • 2 Comments

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Do it again….  I think we are spinning. As I watch the twitter streams and read the blogs, I feel strongly that we...

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Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon

Big data supply chains, Risk management, Social supply chains

Rain is slowly pelting on my window. It is late on Friday afternoon.  Too late…. I have writer’s block.  I have been working...

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