rise of social commerce

Report Publication: Rise of Social Commerce

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Meet the new shopper.  Underneath the keys of the keyboard, they are shopping in a new way.  They could be beside you on the train tonight, it could be your teenager behind the closed door, or your spouse smiling as she clicks on the accept button for the PERFECT holiday gift.  Each is unleashing the power of the social network. Meet the Digital Consumer The digital consumer is shopping with…

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Rise of Social Commerce

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“We have the most powerful distribution mechanism that has been created in a generation,” Mark Zuckerberg, Founder Facebook at the launch of the 2006 Connect Platform It is called the socialgraph: the complex interconnection of social relationships. It is a new type of network.  One that has the power to redefine the shopping experience allowing companies to anticipate, personalize and energize the shopping experience in new ways.  Tapping the potential of this technology shift will make the vision…

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Shhh…. Listen closely.  You cannot hear them.  They are quietly working.  They don’t ask for breaks. When it comes to lunch, they are never late.  They are hard at work.  While a typical third-party logistics operation is typically ALL about labor, this one is not.  It is ALL about the personalized EACH: the effective picking of the order of ONE.  With the rise of social commerce,warehouses are struggling to effectively…

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