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A New Red Wagon?

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I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia. In my youth, my mom would frequently exclaim, “Be careful where you hook your red wagon.” The mountain expression is a warning. My mom wanted me to make smart choices and be careful on placing my bets for the future. Amazon bought Whole Foods Market. Google is launching autonomous vehicles. There are seismic shifts occurring between industries in value chains. Fear…

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It Should Not Be This Way…

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Last week on my way to Frankfurt, I uploaded software files while over the Atlantic ocean using Lufthansa’s Wi-Fi service. I was able to work, and be effectively connected to my office, all the way to Europe. As I uploaded a 5 meg file to Slide Share somewhere over England, I smiled. Similarly, tonight, as I write this blog post, country music is blaring from my iPhone. It is based on MP3 files. Over…

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Let’s Make It an Espresso. Outside-in Is Not an Evolution

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Espresso: A strong coffee prepared by forcing hot water through finely ground dark-roast coffee beans Today, I am preparing to speak at a global supply chain conference for a group of enterprise architects at a global manufacturer. This manufacturer is an industry leader. They want me to speak to the future of Supply Chain Applications. They read my last blog —A Pot of Coffee–and they have challenged me to boil it down…

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Ring in the New Year….

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Each year, as I prepare to ring in the New Year, I survey as many companies as I can on supply chain.  This year was no different.   It was great to talk to 53 companies that took my call.  Of the 53 suveyed, 49 mentioned that supply chain is growing in importance.  When asked “Why?”, the answer was all about “reducing costs.”  As I hung up the phone from the last call, I…

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