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Big Data Supply Chains: Boosting your Vocabulary

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Earlier this week, I started a blog series on Big Data Supply Chains.  This is the second blog post in the series. In my prior post, I argued that if we are going to build effective architectures from the customer’s customer to the supplier’s supplier that we need to embrace the concepts of Big Data Supply Chains.  This includes using new types of data and exploiting the  increasing power of computing.  I also believe that…

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Minding our P’s and Q’s: It is more than R’s and P’s

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It is coming. The evidence is piling up like a giant snow drift from a blizzard on out doorsteps.  It comes in many forms. Close your eyes and think about the changing nature of data  in your supply chain over the last two years. Data volumes are exploding, data velocity is increasing and data types are proliferating.  Most companies that I am working with are struggling.  The question is how to develop…

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Can you Listen?

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This week, Altimeter hosted a pilot event at our San Mateo office.  We were sold out and enjoyed the discussion with 80 thought leaders on the evolution of social listening.    I had the pleasure, at the event, to interviewSusan Etlinger, Analyst Altimeter (blog on her insights from the research that she completed on the topic on her soon to be released report. Here I share my insights.  …

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Spice it up?

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  Wanted:  Orange shirts for green guys.    Needed:  Community members with strong commitment, passion and vision.  Yes, Spiceworks is calling all to a new form of community.  It is a new way of buying and deciding how to buy IT solutions.  It is one that is “spicing” up the sale of software and IT solutions.  The company’s name will be a new concept for most of my readers, but I…

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Birds of a Feather: Should they Only Flock Together?

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“I am sorry, we do not  have that item on our menu tonight.  The  truck did not show up….” I heard this statement twice this week while on vacation. Are you also hearing it? I believe logistics matters.  In my opinion, it matters now more than ever.  The logistics community is insular, the ecosystem is fragile, and I believe that the health of the system is at a tipping point that requires a…

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March of the Penguins

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They look alike. Noisy and boisterous, they follow each other.  Mile after mile, through adverse conditions, they trudge.  It is a well-worn and familiar path. When they come to the edge, they crowd together.  With extravagant gyrations they aggressively communicate, but each is afraid to take the next step.  The jump is a hard decision to make. Last week, I felt like I was watching a re-run of a familiar…

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More than just an F-WORD

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I think that we are in a new bubble. It will grow and pop like the ones before.  However, for a short minute, it will be dazzling.  Like bubbles rising from a child softly blowing on their new toy,  I think that we are seeing multiple bubbles beginning to rise.  It will be a new horizon filled with color, uncertainty and rising expectations. It is more than a F-Word.  Here I explain…. Managing the Bubble I like…

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User in the Era: Big Data Supply Chains

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The time is near.  The time has come. As I return from my trip last week, I give thanks, that it is not the end of the world that we need to prepare for….  Yes, thankfully, as the Rapture witching hour approached last week, I was holding my grandson in my arms with a glass of wine and having a great discussion with my daughter.  (This is something that I…

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Grok on!

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 No, I did not misspell the word Grok in the title of this blog.  The term Grok was coined by author Robert A. Heinlein in his best-selling 1961 book Stranger in a Strange Land.  In his book, he defines the term “to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines Grok as “to…

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