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Bait and Switch

Bricks Matter, Demand, Downstream data, Market-Driven • 2 Comments

Bait and switch:  A form of fraud.  A dishonest marketing tactic where a marketer advertises a very attractive value proposition and then...

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Talk Doesn’t Cook the Rice

Demand, Market-Driven, Open Content Research, Sales and Operations Planning, Supply Chain • One Comment

As they say in Mississippi, “Talk doesn’t cook the rice.”  The essence of this colloquialism is that words have to be...

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How Do We Heal the Healthcare Value Network?

Demand, Downstream data

Last week, at Supply Chain Insights, as part of our monthly webinar series, I hosted a panel discussion on the current state of the...

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Sage Advice? Only for Turkeys.

Bricks Matter, Demand, Market-Driven • 3 Comments

This week, I am grounded due to weather. So, I am spending my time writing. Music is blaring, my toe is tapping, and I am hard at work on...

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