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Reflections, Thank Yous, and Rethinking the Future

Big data supply chains, customer-centric supply chains, Supply Chain Insights, Supply Chain Leadership

Last week I spoke at the CLX Logistics Conference in Philadelphia on the future of Supply Chain Management. As I presented on Supply Chain...

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The Job Is Not Done

Supply Chain, Supply Chain Excellence • One Comment

Imagine driving down a dusty road for years. One without any towns, road signs, billboards, or rest stops. Sounds boring, right? I agree....

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The End of a Fairy Tale. Part 2.

Demand, Market-Driven, New technologies, Supply Chain • 5 Comments

Usually in a fairy tale there is a big, bad wolf… or a hairy monster.  One that is going to eat you up! In part one of this blog...

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I Believe We Have Reached The Supply Chain Plateau

Demand, Market-Driven, New technologies • 2 Comments

A plateau: a period of stability with no change Last weekend, I wrote two reports. They published this past week. In the first report, I...

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Minding our P’s and Q’s: It is more than R’s and P’s

New technologies, Supply chain excellence • 2 Comments

It is coming. The evidence is piling up like a giant snow drift from a blizzard on out doorsteps.  It comes in many forms. Close your...

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Rethinking the “How” and “What” of DRP

Demand driven, Downstream data

Want to save millions? Maybe even billions?  According to my panelists on Monday morning, September 27th, at The Council of Supply Chain...

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