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Three Things I have Learned about using Downstream Data

Downstream data

Over the past six years, I have studied the use of downstream data, and watched consumer products companies inch along,...

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A Leap of Faith?

Demand driven, Downstream data • 2 Comments

It is 42 years old, and still not actionable.  The first implementation was 1968 and we have talked about the integration of it to the...

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Start a New Conversation. Free the Data to Answer the Questions that you Don’t know to Ask

Demand driven, Downstream data

It happens all the time.  IT says to line of business leaders, “Tell me what you need for Business Intelligence (BI), and I will go find...

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Things Do Not Always Go Better with Coke!

Supply chain excellence • 2 Comments

  “We live in a world where supply chains, not companies, compete for market dominance. But companies often have diverging incentives...

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