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Network of Networks

An Empty Chair….

Across from me, sits an empty chair. In fact, sadly, there are many empty chairs in the room. Five people canceled at the last minute

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Head Scratcher

A discussion on the next evolution of supply chain planning and decision support technologies.

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market-driven value chains

Why Is Blockchain Not Hotter?

I was sitting with a representative from the United Nations on my way back from Colombia. As we took off from Bogota, we discussed the

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Risk management

Evolution of B2B Networks

Today Thoma Bravo, a private equity investment firm, announced a definitive agreement to purchase Elemica, a provider of Supply Chain Operating Networks for the chemical

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Herding Geese

Geese fly in a V-shaped pattern and walk in single file.  There are well-established patterns of leadership. Smaller flocks fare better than large ones. When they lose

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