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Welcome Puff, The Magic Dragon, to Your Team

analytics, Supply Chain Excellence • One Comment

Remember the Peter, Paul and Mary song, Puff the Magic Dragon? It was a song from my youth. While there is a raging debate on song...

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S&OP: Can You Make Decisions at the Speed of Business?


Yawn. I spent time this week completing reference calls on the use of S&OP technologies. Seeking the next sequel in technology...

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Who Will Win?

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Visibility: If Only I Could See

Network of Networks, New technologies

My phone rang. Consultants, technologists and ex-analysts called to challenge my position in my last post focused on control towers. I...

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Control Towers: If Only There Was A Clear Definition

Global Supply Chains, Inventory Management, Market-Driven • One Comment

We finished dinner. I pressed my neatly folded napkin to my lips. As we waited for coffee, silence hung heavy in the air. My client writhed...

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Bright and Shiny Objects?

digital supply chains

This month, I traveled the globe helping companies understand the potential impact of technology innovation on the future of supply chain...

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WOAH? Are You Guilty?

Big data supply chains, Demand, digital supply chains

New technologies abound. In supply chain, right now, the rate of change is exciting. On the horizon, innovation opportunities are limitless...

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