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Tackling Item Complexity

Supply Chain Complexity, Supply chain excellence

In supply chains, it is easier to add items than to rationalize product portfolios. Only 3% of companies do this well. In this blog post, we share a case study and a methodology to consider.

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Open Letter to the Chief Financial Officer

Demand, Market-Driven, Supply Chain Insights, Supply Chain Leadership

For most, it is the end of the quarter. While for others, the end of the fiscal year is looming. The end of any fiscal period is a good...

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Driving Organizational Alignment

Supply Chain, Supply chain excellence, Supply Chain Excellence, Supply Chain Insights, Supply Chain Leadership, Supply Chain Talent

 How can we move forward if we cannot align? In supply chain strategy documents, terms like alignment, agility, responsiveness, and...

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How Can I Move Forward if I Cannot Align?

Big data supply chains, Bricks Matter, Market-Driven, Supply Chain

For years, as an industry analyst, I have written  the statement that “IT and line-of-business teams need to be aligned.”  As...

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