Supply Chain visibility

Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire 2017 Award Winners

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Supply chain excellence. It is easier to say than define. Getting it clear is important. Why? The answer makes or breaks a supply chain...

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Supply Chain: Anything But Timeless

Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning, Supply Chain visibility • 3 Comments

Timeless: not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion. Last week I was on vacation in the Caribbean. I moved on island time....

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Building the Network of Networks. Call for Action. Want to Help?

Big data supply chains, Digital Supply Chain, Global Supply Chains, market-driven value chains, Supply Chain visibility

In the 1980s commercial internet providers evolved. In 2001 Steve Jobs put 1000 songs in our pocket.  And steadily, over the last three...

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Five Trends That Excite Me!

Big data supply chains, market-driven value chains, Market-driven value networks, Supply Chain visibility • One Comment

Holiday travel. Packed airports and the children screaming in unison. Today as I sit scrunched into a coach seat in 26C, working on this...

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Infor’s Acquistion of GT Nexus: If I Had a Magic Wand

New technologies, Risk management, Supplier development, Supply Chain visibility

As an analyst, when technology providers acquire and divest companies, I get invited to pre-announcement conferences. In these sessions the...

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Straight Talk: OpenText to Acquire GXS

Market-Driven, Supply Chain, Supply Chain visibility

gob·ble·dy·gook ˈgäbəldēˌgo͝ok,-ˌgo͞ok/ noun: gobbledygook – language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by...

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