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The End of a Fairy Tale

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In the end, we were all going to live “happily ever after.” At least, that’s what was promised. I was at three clients’ sites over the course of the last two weeks. During those visits I heard comments like, “I believe that something has fundamentally changed in the market.”  Or, a casual comment of, “We cannot run our supply chains like we used to.” I smiled. Each of these companies performed…

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Where Has the TIME Gone?

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Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. Tonight, I have dined on Tasmanian salmon, enjoyed a snack of Tim Tam fingers, and dipped Wattle cookies into my coffee. I traveled over 10,000 miles. It has been a very long day. I will be speaking on Monday at “Mastering Supply Chain Management with SAP” by the Eventful Group. I am excited to talk to an Australian audience and welcome them to the SCI Community. I will share more on…

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Six months ago, I founded a new firm with a promise to redefine the industry analyst market.  Today, with the launch of the SCI Community, we have taken an important step in realizing our vision. The SCI Community is open and global. It is free and available for supply chain leaders and teams everywhere. We have tried to make it fun! It is designed specifically for the supply chain professional. We…

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