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The End of a Fairy Tale. Part 2.

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Usually in a fairy tale there is a big, bad wolf… or a hairy monster.  One that is going to eat you up! In part one of this blog series, I started the saga of the supply chain fairy tale.  It was a story where people believed that functional excellence leads to supply chain superiority. Year after year, well intentioned people toiled against improving metrics that reduced, not improved, the effectiveness…

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The End of a Fairy Tale

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In the end, we were all going to live “happily ever after.” At least, that’s what was promised. I was at three clients’ sites over the course of the last two weeks. During those visits I heard comments like, “I believe that something has fundamentally changed in the market.”  Or, a casual comment of, “We cannot run our supply chains like we used to.” I smiled. Each of these companies performed…

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