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Seven Misconceptions on Managing Inventory in a Market-Driven World

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When it comes to the management of inventory in value chains, frustration abounds. Executive after executive laments they have purchased many technologies, and sponsored many projects to reduce inventories, but they are not seeing results.  I have been studying the evolution of inventory technologies as an industry analyst since 2002. This week, I published an in-depth analysis on the topic. In this post, I share my reflections along with seven…

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IBM: You Can Do Better

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An open letter to IBM. Dear IBM: This week, I attended your Smarter Commerce Conference in Orlando (#IBMCSGS). I am sorry that I had to leave early due to personal reasons (life goes on), but I wanted to send you a quick note with some feedback. I love the Smarter Commerce message. It is brilliant. It makes me hopeful that a technology provider can make a difference. However, on the main stage in Orlando, I…

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Another Year Older. Another Year Wiser.

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Yesterday was my birthday. I am another year older, and hopefully a year wiser.  I was glad to celebrate with friends. I was not alone. Through social networks, I learned that many of my friends have the same birthday.  Yes, Bruce, Eric, Jeff, Marianne, Mindy, Mikey and Tom all share my special date. We celebrated virtually. Social networks make this all so easy. I was blessed. The team at Supply Chain Insights gave me a…

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