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Getting Serious About Outside-in Processes

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Within a supply chain organization there is turmoil. The enlightened leader knows that the efficient silos do not create the most effective supply chains; however, it is hard to deviate from the traditional path that focused inside-out. Most are on a fixed march for process standardization to build efficient vertical silos. These traditional processes are batch, often using latent data, and the focus is inside-out. The building of outside-in processes,…

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Three Things I have Learned about using Downstream Data

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Over the past six years, I have studied the use of downstream data, and watched consumer products companies inch along, ever-so-slowly, with pilot projects.  While I challenge my readers to take a leap of faith (reference prior blog post http://www.supplychainshaman.com/demanddriven/a-leap-of-faith/), and aggressively use downstream data (E.g. point of sale, warehouse withdrawal, loyalty and retail demographic data), I also want to equip them for the journey.  It is not as easy as…

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A Leap of Faith?

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It is 42 years old, and still not actionable.  The first implementation was 1968 and we have talked about the integration of it to the supply chain for lo these many years.  What is it?  …point of sale (POS) data systems at retail and the connection of POS data to the supply chain to drive actionable replenishment.  Yes, consumer products companies still don’t know how to use POS from the store to power…

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Seven Techniques to Better Sense and Shape Demand

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Last week, I was asked the question, “How do I take the steps to become more demand driven?”  It prompted this response.   Demand-driven value networks sense and shape demand to deliver the profitable demand response.  This is a stark contrast to traditional supply chains that match demand with supply, but are blind to profitability and true market demand. Companies that are demand driven, sense and align the value network for demand…

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Start a New Conversation. Free the Data to Answer the Questions that you Don’t know to Ask

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It happens all the time.  IT says to line of business leaders, “Tell me what you need for Business Intelligence (BI), and I will go find the right technologies.”  The issue is that we don’t know, and we will not know soon.  We only know that applications are changing and that the data is growing exponentially.  The answer to the question of: “What is the right data architecture for demand-driven…

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Is this the Future of Downstream Data?

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It started as simple sales reporting. It is no longer simple.  In 2005, there were five consumer product leaders actively using downstream data (retail inventory and sales data).  Today, over 80% of consumer products companies greater than 1 billion in revenue are redefining work processes to use it.  The space is murky. It is not easy, and it is evolving. However, the deeper teams explore the usage of the data, the…

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