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Good People Can Make a Difference in Outcomes

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I closed the door of my hotel room and grimaced at the overflowing trash can. Heaped high with plastic, it violated my principles as an environmentalist. Ironically in the city of San Francisco, which alleges allegiance to Corporate Social Responsibility, I had no option. As a frequent traveler, sometimes the road stories are ones we’d like to forget. This was a bad week. The flight into San Francisco on American was…

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Executing Customer-Centric Supply Chain Strategies

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 Definition: “Customer–centric is an approach to doing business that focuses on providing a positive customer experience both at the point of sale and after the sale in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage.” Today I am flying to see the leadership team at Cummins Inc. (Included in this post is Cummins’ digital award for the 2016 Supply Chains to Admire. All winners received their digital images this week.) I am on…

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Seven Thoughts to Build a Customer-Centric Supply Chain Organization

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‘Chin Music’ Definition: Idle Chatter, Idle Talk or Vague Explanations Urban Dictionary In my work as a supply chain analyst, and Founder of Supply Chain Insights, I attend many supply chain conferences. On a day like today, when I am struggling with jet lag and recovering from sleep deprivation, I tell my friends that I attend more conferences than I would like to attend. However, when I am well-rested and…

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Navigating the End-to-End Journey

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Wang Laboratories. Eastman Kodak. Nokia. Blockbuster. Polaroid. Xerox. What do these names have in common? They were once strong brands that could not adjust fast enough to product shifts in the market. It hurts. These were once strong companies with bright futures, but they were rigid and inflexible. As growth slows, and global infrastructures mature, more and more companies worry that they too will make this list. They are trying to ensure that their…

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Writing: Working on My Book

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  “When I ask my team about customer service, I get high-five reviews. When I meet with my customers, I get thumbs-down feedback. I find the measurement of customer service to be one of the most difficult.” Supply Chain Leader Interview for Metrics That Matter My kitchen table is piled high with interviews for the upcoming book, Metrics That Matter. The manuscript is due to Wiley on March 1st for…

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

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I feel it in my heart. The decision is divorce. I came to this relationship three years ago. It started casually. It was off and on. I tried to give it a go and make it stick. I thought that we could make this work, but I was wrong. The What? Airline experiences, in my blog, give me many “teaching moments” for supply chain leaders. Customer service and the delivery of the brand…

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Does Your Warehouse Need Voice?

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A warehouse is not a warehouse and a supply chain is not a supply chain. They come in various sizes, varieties and specifications.  They vary by industry and product requirements. So, in short, it is hard to generalize. They need to be designed and fit for purpose, but there is no question that they are growing more complex. As complexity increases, manufacturers and distributors are seeking new ways to optimize customer…

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Can you Listen?

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Customer-centric supply chains have been the dream.  Technologies are making it more feasible, but can you listen?_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In most companies, the group named customer service is mis-named. While the department  is named “customer service” , it really is a group of order takers. Next week at Altitmeter Group’s first conference, The Rise of Social Commerce, I will be presenting on how social technologies have evolved to driven enlightened engagement.  …to put true Service into customer…

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