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Which Boat Do You Sail to Cross the Blue Ocean?

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In a recent post, Time to Paint Outside the Lines , I advocated that we needed to expand our current concepts of supply chain management.  I challenged readers to rethink conventional processes and to think outside the lines; to redefine them using the new capabilities of mobile, social, cloud-based computing and more advanced analytics.  The post was about the “what.” In a discussion with a client, I was challenged to write about a third…

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Big Data Supply Chains: Boosting your Vocabulary

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Earlier this week, I started a blog series on Big Data Supply Chains.  This is the second blog post in the series. In my prior post, I argued that if we are going to build effective architectures from the customer’s customer to the supplier’s supplier that we need to embrace the concepts of Big Data Supply Chains.  This includes using new types of data and exploiting the  increasing power of computing.  I also believe that…

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Minding our P’s and Q’s: It is more than R’s and P’s

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It is coming. The evidence is piling up like a giant snow drift from a blizzard on out doorsteps.  It comes in many forms. Close your eyes and think about the changing nature of data  in your supply chain over the last two years. Data volumes are exploding, data velocity is increasing and data types are proliferating.  Most companies that I am working with are struggling.  The question is how to develop…

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