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Give New Answers to Bridget

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It was a stuffy, hot day, and I found myself sitting by Bridget. The supply chain team was attempting to explain their demand-driven project. They were asking for funding; and Bridget, the treasurer, was not buying the message. On my way back to the train, I struggled with what had just happened. I had worked hard to teach the team—presenting how to talk the language of demand —but it was not…

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Audit Safe?

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It takes many shapes … like the deaths of nine unknowing consumers. In 2008, 762 people became dangerously ill in 48 states from contaminated peanut butter in the United States. The recalls permeated the food industry. Over 3800 products from 361 companies were recalled.  It should not have happened. The PCA factory that manufactured the peanut butter was certified as safe by the American Institute of Baking (AIB). Fatal fires are also a grim…

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What I Have Learned About Supply Chain Excellence

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I go back and forth. At times, I reflect on how fast things have changed; while at other times, I struggle with why supply chain processes cannot happen quickly enough, and be transformed faster. For me, it is a conundrum. I have been studying this for the past nine years. I have decided that I think it is much like this picture of a man on a moving sidewalk. As we push forward,…

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Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon

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Rain is slowly pelting on my window. It is late on Friday afternoon.  Too late…. I have writer’s block.  I have been working on the same paragraph of the fifth chapter of Bricks Matter for an hour.  It is a muddle in my mind and it is due to the publisher on March 1st.  The tail lights of commuters stuck in traffic are an endless chain of lights.  No TGIF for them.  No TGIF…

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