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Insights from the Supply Chain Shaman on SAP Insider event in Milan

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Dancing with a White Elephant

New technologies, Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning • 3 Comments

There is an elephant in the room.  This one is white. No, it is not at your Saturday yard sale. Instead, it is deeply embedded in...

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Ashes got me Thinking

Supply chain excellence • 6 Comments

Insights on the role of twitter in navigating a supply chain surpise....

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I Was Wrong

New technologies, Supply chain planning • 4 Comments

I LOVE  it when a reader takes me to task. Recently, Kirsten Watson, Director of Marketing at Kinaxis, did just that! She took issue...

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In Search of Cool

New technologies, Supply chain excellence

 It happened yesterday. It happens at least once a day.    When I travel, the most frequently asked question is “what do I see in the...

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Is this the Future of Downstream Data?

Demand driven, Downstream data, New technologies • 5 Comments

It started as simple sales reporting. It is no longer simple.  In 2005, there were five consumer product leaders actively using downstream...

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We should have Listened to Mother Nature

Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning

SNAP.  CRACKLE.  POP.   Yes, we got what we asked for….  Efficient supply chains that snap and break under stress. Have you ever...

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