It will take more than a Band-Aid…..

Supply chain excellence

It was one of the calls that we all hate to get.  My 86 year old mom had broken her hip.  The voice on the phone asked, “Could I rush...

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Make Money. Turn your Supply Chain on its Ear. Go HORIZONTAL!

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“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.”, Benjamin Franklin  It was a cold winter day in Minneapolis.  The...

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Splat! Talk! End.

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Reflections: The End of a Decade in Supply Chain Management

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  As we watched the ball drop on Times Square on New Year’s eve 2000, we witnessed the dawn of a new decade.  Those were go-go...

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What if: Focus on “&” with the “End in Mind”

Demand driven, Supply chain economic recovery, Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning

It is the longest recession of the last four decades; and economists are gathering to discuss the possibility of a double-dip...

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The Rise of Social Commerce

Demand driven

Tags on Wheaties boxes.  iPhone applications at the shopper’s fingertips. Focused communities on Facebook. The voice of the customer...

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Demand Driven is not Sufficient

Demand driven, Supply chain excellence, Supply chain planning

Over the past seven years, I have written more than 500 articles on Demand-Driven Value Networks.  So it may come as a surprise to readers...

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