Ring in the New Year….

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What Happened to the Concept of Demand-Driven?

Demand driven • 7 Comments

Demand-driven value networks grow from, and are a more refined state, of supply chains. Orchestrating demand at the mature stage of the...

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Three Things I have Learned about using Downstream Data

Downstream data

Over the past six years, I have studied the use of downstream data, and watched consumer products companies inch along,...

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A Leap of Faith?

Demand driven, Downstream data • 2 Comments

It is 42 years old, and still not actionable.  The first implementation was 1968 and we have talked about the integration of it to the...

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Carrots and Sticks

Demand driven

This week, I spoke at the Vendor Compliance Federation (VCF).  While 2009 was a bad year for VCF conference attendance (and for...

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If I had a Magic Wand

New technologies • 4 Comments

“Good management was the most powerful reason leading firms failed to stay atop their industries. Precisely because these firms listened...

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Report Publication: Rise of Social Commerce

Demand driven, Downstream data, New technologies • One Comment

Meet the new shopper.  Underneath the keys of the keyboard, they are shopping in a new way.  They could be beside you on the train...

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