Better Math makes Better Networks

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While supply chain leaders design and fine-tune their networks, supply chain laggards inherit and accept their supply chain networks as a given.  Leaders understand the power of strategic planning.  However, this realization has not happened quickly; instead it has happened VERY slowly over the twenty-five years that I have been studying supply chain management.  Few people understand this better than the team at Chainalytics.  I recently ran into Jeff Metersky, one of…

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Warning! A holy war is raging.  It is a religious war.  …one of holy factions. It cannot be won, and it is not worth trying.  When you peel back the heat of the battle, you find that it is the battle of acronyms:  Integrated Business Planning (IBP) versus Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).  It is fueled by analyst pundits, and driven largely by software vendors trying to hawk their wares…

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Ring in the New Year….

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Each year, as I prepare to ring in the New Year, I survey as many companies as I can on supply chain.  This year was no different.   It was great to talk to 53 companies that took my call.  Of the 53 suveyed, 49 mentioned that supply chain is growing in importance.  When asked “Why?”, the answer was all about “reducing costs.”  As I hung up the phone from the last call, I…

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What Happened to the Concept of Demand-Driven?

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Demand-driven value networks grow from, and are a more refined state, of supply chains. Orchestrating demand at the mature stage of the demand-driven transformation, allows companies to better balance growth and efficiency, cost and customer service, and demand fluctuations.  When demand-driven maturity is achieved, not only is there better balance, but greater agility. Based on research in the recession of 2010, demand-driven companies sense market changes 5X faster and align…

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