Keep on Truckin?

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It is a new world.  We have always assumed that supply chains can keep on trucking, but has all this changed?  Supply chain applications matured based on the assumption that manufacturing was a constraint and transportation was abundant. Transportation is now anything BUT abundant.  It is the number one top of mind issue.  I am encountering it everywhere I travel. At a Logility executive session last month in Orlando, transportation was cited by…

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Revenue Management: Beyond Smoke and Mirrors

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Improving revenue management –which includes the management of multi-party trade settlement (sometimes dubbed bifurcated trade management) — is an equal opportunity for all supply chains.  No matter whether you are in a consumer, high tech, life sciences, or chemical supply chain it is a major source of cost, waste and frustration.  Executives often will ask, “Why can’t we get this right?”  I laugh and empathize.  What seems so simple is…

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Trading Places

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The storyline is old.  This blog is a new take on an old story. The storyline was the central theme of the 1983 American comedy titled Trading Places starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy.  Remember it?  It was one of my favorites:  a funny movie where an upper class commodities broker and a homeless street hustler switch roles when they are unknowingly made part of an elaborate bet.  It is…

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Better Math makes Better Networks

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While supply chain leaders design and fine-tune their networks, supply chain laggards inherit and accept their supply chain networks as a given.  Leaders understand the power of strategic planning.  However, this realization has not happened quickly; instead it has happened VERY slowly over the twenty-five years that I have been studying supply chain management.  Few people understand this better than the team at Chainalytics.  I recently ran into Jeff Metersky, one of…

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