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Shhh…. Listen closely.  You cannot hear them.  They are quietly working.  They don’t ask for breaks. When it comes to lunch, they are never late.  They are hard at work.  While a typical third-party logistics operation is typically ALL about labor, this one is not.  It is ALL about the personalized EACH: the effective picking of the order of ONE.  With the rise of social commerce,warehouses are struggling to effectively…

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Time to Broaden the Knot on Your Bow Tie?

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With the current economic uncertainty, is it time to step out and to make lasting and meaningful supply chain relationships and unleash the opportunities in the end to end supply chain? However, before you take that step, do you need to broaden the knot in your bow tie? I have been writing about supply chain collaboration for the last fifteen years.  The term is bandied about. Supply chain strategy documents drip with…

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Have we forgotten the promise?

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For about eight months, on Monday morning,he would push the well-worn newspaper clippings under the door frame of my closed office door.  They were folded and stained, but the newspaper clippings were marked with telling, cryptic comments.  I miss them. I loved his insights.  When I was an analyst at AMR Research, they were gifts from my friend Bruce Richardson.  He was helping me lighten up my writing and enjoy blogging.  I…

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Make Money. Turn your Supply Chain on its Ear. Go HORIZONTAL!

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“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.”, Benjamin Franklin  It was a cold winter day in Minneapolis.  The security guard at the gate warned me of frost bite walking from the parking lot to the corporate offices of a client.  So, I scurried along with snow crunching under my boots.  I was also expecting a frosty introduction.  Manufacturing, distribution and sourcing were at an impasse. I was walking into…

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Splat! Talk! End.

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SPLAT!  An email lands in my inbox. The voice on the phone says, “We just sent you a link for you to view our presentation.  I hope that you don’t mind that it is late.  Let me give you the passcode.”  I smile. Their presentation, like 99% of all analyst briefings, arrives within five minutes of the briefing start time; and, they want to do a web conference. <I have…

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Reflections: The End of a Decade in Supply Chain Management

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  As we watched the ball drop on Times Square on New Year’s eve 2000, we witnessed the dawn of a new decade.  Those were go-go years for supply chain management.  Spending was brisk. Year 2000 compliance and e-commerce budgets were growing.  Investments in Advanced Planning Systems (APS) were high and optimism reigned. Three years later, when the e-commerce bubble burst, a new vision was launched.  It was the vision of an integrated end-to-end supply…

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What if: Focus on “&” with the “End in Mind”

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It is the longest recession of the last four decades; and economists are gathering to discuss the possibility of a double-dip recession. It will not go away anytime too soon. All that is known is the unknown.  As 2010 winds to a close, three things are certain for supply chain professionals: The links of the supply chain are weaker Demand is more uncertain Supply is more volatile These three factors make horizontal processes like S&OP more…

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

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 In the movie Snow White, the Queen possesses a magical mirror that answers any question, to which she often asks: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?” …to which the mirror always replies “You, my queen, are fairest of all.” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Companies want to know “who has the best supply chain?”  Unfortunately, there is no supply chain magic mirror;  however, each June we can…

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The Rise of Social Commerce

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Tags on Wheaties boxes.  iPhone applications at the shopper’s fingertips. Focused communities on Facebook. The voice of the customer is rising: blogs, customer reviews, and commuity dialogue.  The shopper dial-tone is rising.  They want to belong. All want to be heard.  They crave a better buying experience. The power is shifting from the retailer to the shopper.  Social commerce is filling the void between clicks and bricks to deliver a personalized…

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