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Six months ago, I founded a new firm with a promise to redefine the industry analyst market.  Today, with the launch of the SCI Community, we have taken an important step in realizing our vision.

The SCI Community is open and global. It is free and available for supply chain leaders and teams everywhere. We have tried to make it fun!

It is designed specifically for the supply chain professional. We at Supply Chain Insights LLC have worked for the past six months to deliver what we think is a set of unique services:

  • Financial Supply Chain Benchmarking. It is just too hard to get meaningful financial supply chain data. We have built a database on financial ratios that go back over 20 years. Want to understand how your company stacks up against a peer group on Working Capital, Inventory Turns, Free Cash Flow, Altman Z, or Return on Assets? Ask us to run a custom cut on the data for you.
  • Technology and Consulting Ratings and Reviews. We go to YELP for a rating on a restaurant, check out Expedia for a hotel recommendation; but up until this point, there was no place for supply chain leaders to rate software or consulting partners. The SCI Community gives supply chain leaders a place to share.
  • Industry Events Ratings and Reviews. There are a lot of events. How do supply chain leaders know which are the good ones? The community allows ratings and reviews of the events so you know which ones to attend.
  • Ask an Industry Expert. Want to ask an industry analyst a question? The SCI Community is a place to go.  Pose a question to our panel of experts and engage in discussion.
  • Supply Chain Wiki.  Need help getting your group on the same page on supply chain terms? Check out our Supply Chain Wiki.
  • Meaningful Discussion Groups. Follow the tags and the discussion groups to get in on the action.
  • Blogs, Videos, and Webcasts. Listen, share and learn.
  • Open Content Research. It is part of our strategy to redefine supply chain research. We believe that it should be open and actionable. On our community today, there are nine research reports, three new surveys and the opportunity for you to tell us what should be on our future research agenda.
  • Posting of Content. The community allows supply chain leaders everywhere to post and share content. If you have an article that you are proud of, post it for others to rate and review.
  • Meaningful Networking.  Connect with supply chain leaders like you. Network with supply chain leaders you respect. Do you have a question? Ask another supply chain professional directly in the SCI Community.

I believe that research sells and relationships renew. It is my goal to deliver deep research that is actionable. The community is part of my vision.

Check it out today! Let us know what you think.