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I am excited to join Altimeter Group ( to continue to do the research that I love in the way that I love to do it.  In my work at Altimeter Group, I will continue to focus on the evolution of supply chain excellence and the use of technologies in consumer value networks (retail through consumer products).

The primary driver of my choice to join Altimeter Group is the opportunity to collaborate with smart people on the evolution of disruptive technologies.  It is my goal to to map the impact on supply chain technologies.  I want to help early adopters leverage the value of new technologies.  I love Jeremiah Owyang and Charlene Li’s market-leading research on leveraging social networks, Deb Schultz’s work on innovation and Ray Wang’s insights on enterprise strategies.  I join Altimeter with Alan Weber, focused on the use of enterprise applications in the government sector.  I am excited to be part of a small-focused team helping companies navigate disruptive technologies. 

Please join me as I plot this course on my blog at

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Lora Cecere is the Supply Chain Shaman. A shaman interprets and connects an evolving world to a group of followers. Lora does this for supply chain. As the founder of Supply Chain Insights and the author of Supply Chain Shaman, Lora travels the world to chart the course of supply chain practices and disruptive technologies. Her blog focuses on the use of enterprise applications to drive supply chain excellence.

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