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Will the Downturn Signal an Upturn?

Demand, Demand sensing, Market-Driven, Market-driven forecasting, Supply chain economic recovery, Supply Chain Excellence • 3 Comments

Volatility. Demand redefined. Economic markets plummeting. Daily we see the financial charts roll across the news. “It’s partly...

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Three Questions People Are Afraid to Ask

Big data supply chains, Demand, Market-Driven • 10 Comments

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which there is a desire for harmony within the group, but...

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Change the Conversation

Demand, Market-Driven • 2 Comments

It is Monday morning. As the sun rises, I find myself on the 6:00 AM train drinking coffee. I am giving thanks that I am able to do what...

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A Pot of Coffee: A Morning of Reflection

Demand, Downstream data, Market-Driven • One Comment

This morning was an intense morning of back-to-back calls.  I love talking to clients, and relish mornings like this. Yet, today, I was...

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Bait and Switch

Bricks Matter, Demand, Downstream data, Market-Driven • 2 Comments

Bait and switch:  A form of fraud.  A dishonest marketing tactic where a marketer advertises a very attractive value proposition and then...

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How We Lost the Plot

Demand • One Comment

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